Switching to a Ducted Air Conditioning for Your Office

Are you thinking of upgrading the cooling and heating system of your workplace? Ducted air conditioning is the most effective way of reducing your electricity consumption. This system allows the air to be centrally distributed through a series of ducts or passageways. To know more about this innovative air distributor, here is an article about its features, benefits, and installation procedures. 

Ducted vs. ductless air conditioning system

The most common air conditioning system that you will see in the market is a ductless air conditioner unit. It is probably the one you have in your office now. It is often placed in an enclosed space for individual cooling. Each unit is independently controlled, so you can set the room at any temperature you desire. While they are the most prevalent types, they can cost you an arm and a leg in electricity bills since their usage is at your employees’ mercy. 

As such, your company should switch to a more efficient air conditioning system. The air from a ducted air conditioning system is sent from one central location to cool all the rooms, giving the management full control of its usage. Furthermore, unlike its counterparts, it provides a uniform temperature throughout the place determined by its thermostat. If you are worried about energy efficiency, all you need to do is create a zoning system that enables you to program which room will have air circulation. 

Benefits of a ducted system

Aside from energy efficiency, a ducted system is best for large open spaces like malls, libraries, and other public facilities. It is also preferred for offices since it can be controlled from a single point, so you need not worry about your employees increasing the room temperature unnecessarily.

Another great function of a ducted air conditioning is that most units have a reversible cycle feature. As such, you do not need to buy an extra heating appliance for your office. This saves you more money in the long run. It also ensures that your air conditioning system will be utilised regardless of the season. In a nutshell, it works by extracting the air from the external environment and transferring it to your workspaces. 

Furthermore, installing a ducted system is also an unobtrusive way of air conditioning. Its ducts are often installed on the ceiling area or the floor so that they will not take up unnecessary space like ductless appliances. The operating unit is hidden from the public’s eye, ensuring that your unit is protected from unwanted meddling.

Installing a ducted system

Installing a ducted system in your office should be done by a trained professional. Typically, the first thing that your electrician will do is to check if your switchboard can handle the electricity load of your preferred unit. He will then ask your preferred location for a controller or condenser and inspect if that area provides adequate protection from environmental damages. 

During the installation, your roof and flooring cavities will be checked to see if they are ideal places for duct placement. If it is a go, your electrician will attach all the necessary parts, like sheet metal ducting, refrigerant pipes, electrical cables, and condensate drains, to ensure a fully functioning system. The final step is to ensure that all the ducts are sealed for optimal air distribution. The whole process often takes a day or two depending on the system’s complexity, so you may need to ask your employees to work from home while it is being installed.

Upgrading to a ducted system in the office is a cost-effective, efficient, and unobtrusive way of air conditioning your office. If your current electrical system is up to standards, you can have it installed in no time. With this cooling and heating combo, you can provide your employees with a conducive work environment.