The Obscure but Extremely Helpful Vitamin K-2

When vitamin K was discovered in 1929, both its K-1 and K-2 forms were immediately identified. Little attention was given to the difference at the time, dismissed as nothing more than a simple structural variation. It was not until further studies in the 21st century uncovered more details about the nutrient that scientists finally recognized its significance. 

The K-2 form of the vitamin is still little-known to consumers, but awareness has been increasing over the years. In fact, you can now order Vitamin k2 online or from your local pharmacy. It is available in many types, with MK-4 and MK-7 being the most common. 

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Vitamin K-2 vs. K-1

Some health experts suggest that vitamins K-1 and K-2 work very differently and should be categorized as separate nutrients altogether. They are also sourced differently. K-1 or phylloquinone is the primary dietary source of vitamin K, found in plants such as green leafy vegetables. The K-2 form, on the other hand, comes from meat and fermented foods. It is more readily absorbed by the body but is naturally present in small quantities only. As such, vitamin K-2 deficiency is more common, and people would benefit more from K-2 supplements.

Bone Health from Vitamin K-2

When it comes to bone health, most people instinctively think of milk, which is an excellent source of calcium. Optimizing bone density, however, is not as simple as getting all the calcium you can get. 

While it is true that calcium is an essential mineral in the bone matrix, increasing the calcium intake does not automatically result in stronger bones, primarily if it is not metabolized properly and accumulates in other tissues instead. You can order Vitamin k2 online to boost your natural intake.

Vitamin K-2 has a two-fold effect on bone health. First, it stabilizes the calcium levels in your body. The fat-soluble nutrient facilitates the proper metabolism of calcium by activating osteocalcin, a protein secreted by the body’s bone-building cells. Secondly, it works well with vitamin D3 in inhibiting the cells that cause bone resorption, such as osteoclasts.  

Substantial studies have conclusively shown that taking vitamin K-2 supplements can slow the decrease of bone mineral density that comes with aging. This is true, especially in Asian countries like Japan, where high doses of vitamin K-2 are used and, more importantly, approved to treat osteoporosis. 

A Healthy Heart with K-2   

The same process enabled by K-2 that helps regulate the calcium in your body is also important in keeping your heart healthy. Aside from activating osteocalcin, it also triggers the matrix GLA protein or MGP, which not only prevents excess calcium from accumulating in the soft tissues of your arteries and veins but actually removes it. 

Calcium deposits comprise around 20% of atherosclerotic plaques in early to advanced stages of heart disease and are another reason to order Vitamin k2 online or from a pharmacy. 

Cancer Prevention

Although the health industry has made significant strides in treating cancer, it remains the most common cause of death, especially in western countries. Effective prevention strategies are of utmost importance, even with today’s advanced medical technology. 

Vitamin K-2 could be an important component of this preventive approach for certain types of cancer. Several studies link it to the reduction in recurrence of liver and prostate cancer. More studies are still needed to solidify the claim, but the current results are more than promising.