Guide To Hire The Best Wedding Florist In Penrith

Penrith lies in east-central New South Wales, Australia. This city can be found in Greater Western Sydney and lies on the portion of Hawkesbury River known as the Nepean River. Penrith is an agricultural centre and resort and is known for its vegetables, fruits, eggs, dairying, and most especially its flowers. Flowers are, indeed, the core of any celebration as it can help achieve the atmosphere that you want to go for—either rustic, whimsical, modern, romantic, etc. If you are looking for ways to find the right florist in Penrith to hire for your wedding day, ensure to ask them these questions:

Make Your Floral Budget

Flowers and decors must amount to approximately 10% of your total budget. If you want a grand flower set up or you want to have a set of peonies on your wedding day, then make sure to consider this number. Apart from that, you should expect to spend additional fees, such as tips, taxes, and breakdown and setup charges. When you begin to meet with your chosen florists, it’s best to prepare a list of approximate amounts that you can present to them.

Know Your Floral Needs

If you want to hire someone who won’t just create your arrangements and assist you in coming up with the perfect design to use for your ceremony aisle and reception table, you should work with a qualified florist designer your special day. But if you already have an eye for design or you have a wedding planner to do it all, then you can choose to hire a regular florist. Know which fits perfectly with your needs to narrow down what you’re looking for and help know the budget to spend. 

Know the Flower Style You Prefer

Some florists specialise in ornate, lush, and tall centrepieces. Meanwhile, some are better when at minimalist and modern arrangements. Look for pictures of centrepieces and bouquets you want to establish your style when it comes to flowers. Moreover, let yourself be more familiar with the most commonly used floral terms. This way, you can effectively communicate with your prospective florist in Penrith.

Ask for Recommendations

Similar to all wedding specialists, you need to hire a florist who is qualified, reliable, and within your price range. Moreover, you need to get someone whose taste you respect and who is open to your ideas. One of the greatest means to get a reputable florist is to rely on word of mouth. Meaning, you can get recommendations from newlyweds. You can also choose to search for local and even online wedding magazines. When you’re working with a vendor coordinator or a wedding planner, they can help you get a proven and trusted florist near you. 

Book for An Interview

It’s the best idea to choose someone you trust to come up with the best floral decisions, and somebody who naturally knows what looks great together. Schedule an appointment with the florists you’re interested in hiring. This way, you can get to know them in person and check their work portfolio.

After you consider all the things that must be acknowledged, you will never have difficulty selecting the best florist in Penrith to work with on your most special day.