Curate irresistible newsletters this holiday season

This holiday season is going to be a happy one for everyone. Buyers are glad to be able to purchase goodies and travel to meet their loved ones. The sellers are relieved to see a significant increase in sales after facing many difficulties during the pandemic.

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While you curate a list of new contacts, here are some tips to mention in the newsletter,

The offers and coupons

One of the crucial reasons people open a newsletter is to find codes for additional discounts and coupons. So, provide the target audience with what they ask for. Offer them discounts and coupon codes for the holiday season. Exclusivity and the time urgency compels the customer to make a quick purchase.

Another factor is punctuality. No other time than this does people expect to receive the products within time. Because they aren’t only purchasing for themselves but near and dear ones too. Hence, they can’t afford unexpected delivery dates. Ensure that you mention the delivery time accurately and fulfil the promise as mentioned.

Gifts and free products

I’d love to be gifted with a warm sweater this season. However, my husband wouldn’t get the idea if you sent an email with a women’s sweater sale! Get your creative juices flowing and curate the email with sentences like ‘gifts for you SO that they’d never forget’ or ‘tailored list of presents to gift your SO this season. 

There will be two advantages to doing so. One is that the buyer will definitely open your website to find interesting gifts. Two is that there can be product placement for the new products. Offer them a new product for a said amount of purchase and see the sale soar! Who wouldn’t love to get free products?!

Gratitude and Thankfulness

It is more helpful for the ones that have been your loyal customers. Along with the offers, send them a word of thank you for being through the journey. Acknowledging with gratitude improves the relationship for good. And of course, you can add an extra discount coupon in the email as a token of appreciation.

The email copy need not be formal and serious. Use memes or gifs to lighten the mood and reinforce your relationship with the client in the email. Also, do not forget to reflect on the past year and thank them for their support. Let them know the hurdles and achievements the company experienced.

Final thoughts 

A holiday season newsletter is supposed to bring joy and happiness to the reader. So, ensure that the content is lighthearted, all while providing them with enough information and discounts to continue their valuable business!