6 Shopping Secrets The Best Buy Shoppers Must Know

When it comes to buying electronics, especially laptops, televisions, or sound systems, the Best Buy retailer store sits at the top of the list of many shoppers. And, if you are a hail and hearty shopper, Best Buy is a go-to store on Black Friday to score a couple of amazing deals.

However, Black Friday isn’t the only day when you can save big bucks on big deals. Hunting for electronics is a year-round sport here. You never know when you may bag a bargain. As Best Buy is one of the best electronic retailers, we have come up with some skills for you to deploy next time to visit the store. 

It Never Hurts To Ask

Are you planning to buy a curved screen 4K TV? If yes, see if Best Buy can knock the price down if you add a soundbar, DVD player, wall mount, and a TV stand to your shopping cart. This is called bundling, and it is quite known to happen!

Further, if you need a laptop and printer, ask if you can get a 20% discount on purchasing both items. While you may not get the savings you ask for, savings up to 8 -10% are not bad. So, talk to the store managers; they are open to negotiating prices on big-ticket items. 

Shop At The Right Time

Shopping at Best Buy at the month-end pays off! Visit the store on 30th or 31st, and negotiate prices. This is the time when the store is trying to accomplish the sales goals for the month. They might also be willing to negotiate with you.

Besides, prices on electronics like laptops dip in August and September. You may also get some best discounts on low-end models of computers during Black Friday, Thanksgiving Day, Presidents Day, or Cyber Monday sales. 

So, plan your shopping around holiday weekends. You can also view Best Buy Flyers in Canada and find what is trending. Each day, the store offers new deals and a handful of bonus deals.

Best Buy Store Offers Coupons For College Students

Best Buy store often provides exclusive deals for the college crowd. Go to Best Buy’s website, surf the Student Hub, and enter your email address. They will send you special coupons in your inbox. You can use these coupons at the register of the store online and offline.

According to Best Buy, you need to be enrolled in a class to qualify the store’s coupons for college students. When you sign up, the retailer asks you to identify the school. However, there is no further proof needed about where you are enrolled.

Price Match Whenever Possible

Best Buy store offers a price match guarantee; means it matches the prices from the competitors. So, before you complete the transaction, compare the prices at multiple stores. If you find a lower price on the identical items at the time of sale, you can ask for a better deal at the checkout. 

Shop At The Best Buy Outlet

You can get incredible deals on products in the Best Buy outlet. You will notice that the items in an outlet are more affordable than those present in the brand new arrivals. Below is where you can grab the deal-

Open Box

This section features the products that have been returned or purchased.


These are the used items that have been restored and verified for work.


Refurbished items have been used but restored to a ‘like-new state.’


Clearance stock contains brand new items. But, manufacturers have discounted them. Thus, Best Buy has reduced prices on these items.

Join Best Buy’s Reward Program

Best Buy is a free-to-join loyalty program that rewards its repeat customers. In its basic membership, you can earn 0.5 points for every dollar you spend. Once you earn 250 points, you will get a $5 reward certificate.

After spending $1500 in the store per calendar year, you earn Elite status. To unlock Elite Plus status, you have to make $3500 in purchases. Higher levels will earn you more points for every dollar spent, longer return periods, among several other advantages.

With these handfuls of tips in mind, you can save a lot while shopping at the Best Buy store!