Boost Safety in Your Industrial Facilities with Epoxy Flooring

Quality epoxy flooring is a great investment for industrial facilities. It boosts the aesthetics of any establishment and helps in making floors more durable.

But this amazing floor add-on isn’t merely about looks and strength. The best epoxy coating also offers dependable safety properties when applied professionally. It means adding a safety measure in your industrial facilities to avoid mishaps and liabilities.

Now, how does epoxy coating make a floor safer?

1. It provides an evenly flat surface.

When applied professionally, an epoxy coating makes a floor evenly flat throughout its area. It means no cracks, holes, or bumps that may trip your workers. And this is largely helpful in high traffic areas, especially when your workers are bringing sensitive items to and fro. 

2. It provides a non-slip surface.

Epoxy coating also features a non-slip surface. You can even ask the installer to put additional and better gripping features, such as sand. Similar to the earlier point, this is perfect for avoiding accidents while your workers walk around.

An epoxy coated floor is also easier to clean, even if it acquires oil or chemical spills. Your staff can easily wipe off a mess to prevent mishaps.

3. It produces a fireproof flooring.

Epoxy also has excellent fireproof features, which are great in controlling fire incidents in your facilities. When a fire breaks out, it won’t scatter easily because the epoxy coating on the floor would block its way. This should give enough time for evacuation and proper response. 

4. It provides excellent insulation effects.

Resins and hardeners used in the mixture of epoxy coating have great insulating properties. Aside from helping with your energy efficiency, it also helps in controlling temperature. This is useful for keeping your workers comfortable and sickness at bay. 

One great example is managing draughts in your facilities. Draughts are cold air that seeps through gaps in an area, such as through the window or floor cracks. Epoxy coating can block draughts coming from the floor. 

5. It does not cause chemical harm.

Lastly, you don’t need to worry about the epoxy coating causing chemical dangers to workers. As long as the coating is professionally installed, it won’t breathe out fumes and other toxic substances. However, proper curing must be done during installation to let fumes go out the window. 

Important note on applying an epoxy coating in your place

As stated above, epoxy flooring boasts great safety features for industrial establishments. However, it’s best to let the professionals install it over using DIY kits.

This is because professionals know how to apply epoxy coating properly and know how to make it look great without leaving uneven surfaces. They have enough knowledge of safely installing epoxy coating, such as mixing the appropriate amount of resin and hardener and doing proper curing procedures.

Moreover, they know how to work with you. They can help you come up with an epoxy-coated floor that fits your preference and needs. They can make a floor suit your facilities’ theme fabulously.

Planning to improve your industrial facilities? Consider epoxy coating for its floor today. Reap its benefits and excellent safety features that are surely helpful for your company. Contact the right epoxy coating installer to help you.