Where to Find the Best De-Addiction Centre in India

There has been an increase in the number of de-addiction centers (DACs) in government hospitals as a result of a one-time financial grant from the central government, with the state governments being responsible for the recurring expenses. Habits are not always good. Some habits are small but it doesn’t take long for them to become a major part of our lives. One of the more prominent effects of the fast-paced lifestyle of today is that an increasing number of people who are becoming dependent on artificial substances, including drugs and alcohol to cope with the stress of everyday life.

In India, the trend for use of recreational drugs and alcohol is rising at an alarming rate as increasingly younger individuals are reported as being addicted to drugs or alcohol. If you know someone who suffers from such an addiction, then it is your duty to get them to the best drug de addiction centre counseling.

If you’re looking for the best alcohol de addiction centre, it is important to learn more about addictions and how the treatment works before you do so.

What is Alcohol Addiction?

Alcohol addiction is also known as Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD). In this, the patient has an increasing desire and a physical craving for consuming alcohol. In severe cases, the patient may not be able to function without having had alcohol. This is a dangerous habit that adversely affects the health, personal, and professional life.

There are millions of men, and even women, who are diagnosed with alcoholism every year around the world. Those who are not admitted to the best alcohol de addiction centre result in deaths too. Hence, it is vital for loved ones to know how to end addiction to alcohol or drugs.

The deaddiction centre definition for alcoholism describes it as a “drinking problem that becomes severe”. A person suffering from alcohol use disorder does not realize the limit to social drinking and tends to be unable to stop drinking even in normal circumstances. A person suffering from AUD spends the majority of their time thinking or planning about drinking alcohol. They are unable to control the amount of alcohol they consume despite seeing that this habit of there is causing severe problems at home, work, and ruining them financially. Therefore, it becomes necessary to search for the best alcohol de addiction centres in Bangalore.

What are the Signs of Alcohol Addiction?

It is important for friends and family to recognize the signs and symptoms that indicate alcohol abuse so that the patient can be treated at the best alcohol de addiction centre.

People who drink alcohol in excessive amounts do not always realize and admit to the signs of alcoholism. Hence, it is up to the close ones and family members to recognize these symptoms of alcoholism:

  • Unable to keep a check on the amount of alcohol consumed at a time
  • Frequent consumption of alcohol
  • Drinking secretly or hiding the fact that they drink
  • Unable to recall movement and behaviour for a significant period of time after alcohol consumption
  • Having a set habit for time and place of alcohol consumption and getting irritated if the habit is interfered with
  • Losing interest in otherwise enjoyable hobbies
  • Storing or sneaking in alcohol
  • Taking help of drinks to feel better in moderately stressful or depressing situations
  • The habit of consuming alcohol starts to create a relationship, career, and financial problems
  • Increasing the amount of alcohol consumed at a time (increasing alcohol tolerance)
  • Experiencing visible effects, such as sweating, shaking and nausea when not getting to drink

Although some people may exhibit these symptoms, it is not necessary that they may be suffering from alcohol abuse problems. Mostly, de addiction counseling experts look for signs that indicate that the patient puts the priority on alcohol over other activities. It might take several years for the patient to grow dependent on alcohol, and this is where the deaddiction centre definition comes in.

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What Causes Alcoholism?

Dependence on alcohol normally takes several years and even a few decades to develop. However, for people who have lower will power, the addiction takes hold even within a few months.

Research studies have found that regularly consuming alcohol tends to interfere with the levels of GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) in the brain as well as with glutamate.

Glutamate is responsible for stimulating the nervous system while GABA controls impulsiveness. Alcohol consumption also increases the level of dopamine in the brain which tends to make the drinking experience even more pleasurable in the initial stages. After long term use, alcohol tends to gradually alter the levels of these chemicals in the brain and leading to severe psychological and physical problems. This imbalance between the chemicals results in the body craving alcohol to cope with everyday life.

A person suffering from alcohol use disorder needs to be sent to a reputable alcohol and drug de addiction centre for counseling. Always choose a service which offers a wide range of services, without being too expensive for deaddiction centre cost.

Scientists have identified several factors that may be possible for triggering alcoholism in a person. These include:

  • Genes – A family history of alcoholism has been found to be the cause of alcohol use disorder in later generations too hence genes are considered to be a factor in this.
  • Age of first drink – Research has shown that people who tend to start drinking before 15 years of age are more likely to develop alcohol use disorder.
  • Ease of access to alcohol – Cheaper prices of alcohol and its abundant supply has been identified as a major factor for the development of alcoholism in a person.
  • Stress – Certain hormones that control stress and anxiety, when lower, also tend to trigger alcohol abuse symptoms in people.
  • Peer pressure – People with friends who drink regularly or excessively are also more likely to develop alcohol abuse problems.
  • Depression – People suffering from depression may knowingly or unknowingly consume alcohol or drugs to cope with their condition. However, consuming alcohol is known to increase the level of depression rather than lower it.


So, if you are searching for the answer to how to end addiction, then it is highly advisable to reach out to the best alcohol de addiction centre in Bangalore. Here, the best counseling experts use the latest therapy to ensure that the patient is treated with drug de addiction centre counseling and it is considered to be the top de addiction centre for alcoholics in the country as well.

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