Kylee Martelli Obituary Copeland Funeral Home and How did Kylee Martelli Die?

Do you want to know about Kylee Martelli Obituary Funeral home? So, this guide is for you. Here, you will know all the important information about Kylee Martelli death.

Who was Kylee Elise Martelli?

Kylee Elise Martelli was born on July 14, 2000 in Pittsburgh, PA. She was the only child of her parents named Albert T. Martelli, Jr. and Rebecca Martelli.

Kylee was also raised by her grandmother Joan Martelli, aunts and uncles: Nancy Webster, Sharon Butter, Carol Gracy, Jeanne Peckich, Donna Sciulli, David Harris, Jon Christopher Harris, William Harris.

Martelli has so many loving cousins and had a big Grove City Family with a puppy called Cooper. She lived in Moon Township and started education from Moon Elementary Schools. In 2018, graduation completed by her from Eden Christian Academy, Sewickley.

She became a member of the Cheerleading team in her graduation period. The love of Kylee towards people was too much. The first time she went on a trip to Costa Rica, Martelli decided to collect funds to build a house for a family in Costa Rica.

When she got around with someone, they were full of joy. Kylee was loyal with everyone and dedicated towards his work and future. We now know she is not here, but she gave good feelings and left better memories for everyone.

Kylee Martelli Grove City

Kylee Martelli Grove City is a most searched keyword because there she started her College. She was a senior at her College. Martelli was completing her graduation there to become an educator in the future.

She also worked in Footprints at Sand Day Care, where people liked her because of good behaviour and way of working. Kylee was also a member of the Cheerleading Team at Grove City as Co-Captain.

She was very energetic every time and also helped others. As we mentioned earlier, when she went on a trip to Costa Rica, then to support a family there to build a house she organised a dance-a-thon.

She also got special permission from his Academy for this project. And finally, she got her mission completed and collected enough money to build a house for a family in Costa Rica.

Cooking was her favourite thing to do, so she decided to learn cooking to add a new chapter in life. She wanted to be a teacher to teach the children and  create a better future for them.

When happened Kylee Martelli death?

It is very sad to announce that Kylee Martelli death of Moon Township, Pennsylvania left this world on April 24, 2022. The every person from his family and friends got mourned with this tragic loss.

She has leaved many unsolved mysteries and questions about her death. Davin John Ayers, the student of GCC college give the information about the death of Kylee through his social media account.

In America, Pennsylvania is known to be a famous city. So, if any bad things happens like Kylee Martelli Obituary, people get more shocked and pay more attention.

Grove City College is also a famous college in Pennsylvania so anyone can be shocked after the incident of a young woman. They feared to send their children for the study in this college.

So, parents of the students of this college have a great matter of concern and worried about their children which is a right and good thing.

The postmortem reports by the doctors shows that the was completely healthy and there is no chance of death of due to some health problems. So, it is very necessary to find out the real reason of her death to provide her soul some peace and justice.

Kylee Obituary

Kylee Elise, a beautiful 21 year old girl died on April 24, 2022. We all know that we present with God after leaving the body, which is reality. Now she is in Heaven with her grandfather Albert Martelli, Sr., and her grandmother Bettye Harris.

There are also two uncles James Sciulli and Robert Sitzler present in heaven with her. Kylee also believed in God too much. She attended Church everyday and was an avid reader of the Bible.

Everyone who met with Kylee liked her and made her a friend. She doesn’t do anything wrong with anyone. We all know that she is no more with us so you should help her family.

You can visit Copeland’s Moon Township, 981 Brodhead Rd. and in the  St. Stephen’s Anglican Church, 405 Frederick Ave, Sewickley, PA 15143. From Flowers and donations you can consider helping her family in this crucial time.

How did Kylee Martelli die?

The exact reason for Kylee Martelli die is still not found. It is true that she don’t die because of health issues because report said that she was completely fine.

Lots of people searching online for the cause of her death because there is no information has told from his family and friends. Pennsylvania Police and Kaylee Martelli Obituary can help to find out the real reason very early.

Kylee was close to every heart in Grove City College, so everyone shocked when they hear this unwanted news. But, we all know that time to time everything changes and nothing lasts forever. So, she is now in the heaven with her grandfather, grandmother, aunts and uncles.

Pennsylvania Police doing Investigation on this case and will surely find out the reason behind her death. It will give her soul piece and justice which everyone wants.


It is very sad to hear and announce that Kylee Elise Martelli is no longer with us. She died on April 24, 2022 in Pennsylvania at the age of 21 years old.

She was the senior in Grove City College, so the Kylee Martelli death news shocked to everyone.

The Pennsylvania Police and Kylee Martelli Obituary working to find out the real reason of her death. If they will able to find out, then her soul will get peace and justice.

Kylee Martelli Obituary Copeland Funeral Home was performed at Copeland’s Moon Township, 981 Brodhead Rd. You can also help her family and give some flowers and donations in her name.

I hope you get all the information about Kylee Martelli Obituary, and Kylee Martelli death. If you still have some other queries then mention them in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we support Kylee Martelli family with funds?

You can donate funds under the name GoFundMe which is created to support her family.

Where was Kylee Martelli Obituary performed?

The Obituary of Kylee performed at Copeland’s Moon Township, 981 Brodhead Road.

How can I know about her Obituary?

You can check the obituary date on social media which is shared by his family members and friends.