How to Use Text Message Marketing to Bring in Fresh Clients

You often need to incentivize people to send you an SMS message and opt into your text message marketing service to attract new clients via text marketing. Typically, this entails presenting an incentive in the form of promoting a special offer that customers can only reply to by SMS and usually involves requesting consumers to text a “keyword” to a toll-free number in return for a coupon or special offer.

Customers that reply to your marketing receive a discount, use it, and, most crucially, are added to your database, making them eligible to receive SMS messages from your company in the future. You have probably seen numerous examples of how businesses use this technique to use text message marketing to gain new consumers. If you use an easy-to-remember keyword and give clear instructions, this strategy works well.

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Where to Promote your Toll-Free Numbers and Keywords

Your keywords and toll-free numbers should be widely marketed if you’re using text message marketing to gain new consumers. Companies with physical locations should promote their keywords and toll-free lines inside their buildings. Between 70% and 80% of “in-store, on-demand coupons” are redeemed, up to eight times more than “out-of-store” coupons and nearly twice as many as coupons attached to emails.

By including “Click-to-Join” widgets on your website and informing followers of your SMS marketing service via any social media channels you use, you can increase the number of sign-ups. Adding a keyword call-to-action to print, radio or TV ads is a terrific method to maximize your current marketing budget while also offering an in-depth analysis of the return on investment of your investment in those conventional media channels.

Use SMS messaging in your marketing strategy

In order to achieve the best results, text message marketing should be included in a comprehensive marketing plan. Recruiting new clients can be simple with SMS marketing. SMS marketing helps you to bridge numerous communications channels and, as your database of consumers increases, you will be able to discover the sources of your new clients and boost your resources in those areas.