Fun Nature Activities You Can Do Inside or in the Garden

Nature is a wonderful playground, offering countless opportunities for adventures and creativity. While we often associate outdoor activities with wide-open spaces, there are plenty of fun nature activities you can do inside or in the garden (or both). Here are our top picks you can do alone, with friends, or family tailored to different preferences and settings.


There’s something magical about gazing up at the night sky, and you don’t need to be an astronomer to appreciate it. Go outside with a blanket and lie down, allowing the greatness of the universe to captivate you and bring all the benefits for your mental wellness. Also, keep an eye out for celestial events like meteor showers or plan your stargazing sessions around the phases of the moon.

If you’re indoors, consider investing in a telescope or using stargazing apps to identify constellations. Create a cozy stargazing corner with soft cushions and dim lighting, turning it into a serene retreat for nighttime relaxation. This is a nice opportunity to chill with friends, so have them over for a memorable night under the stars, sharing stories and marveling at the vastness of space.

Weekend trips and day excursions

While outdoor adventures are often associated with grand expeditions, even a simple day trip can provide a refreshing escape. For example, traveling to Hunter Valley in Australia is a perfect example of how you can be enthralled in nature even in your accommodation. Find accommodation near Hunter Valley Gardens and pack a picnic basket to relax in one or more of its themed landscapes, like the Storybook Garden and the fragrant Rose Garden.

Whether it’s a local botanical garden, a scenic hiking trail, or a serene lake, explore the wonders that nature has to offer just a short drive away. However, if that’s not an option, you can bring the camping experience closer to home by setting up a tent in your backyard. Roast marshmallows over a fire pit, share stories under the stars and embrace the simplicity of a night spent outdoors. For an indoor twist, create a blanket fort, complete with sleeping bags, and mimic the starry sky using string lights.

Bird watching

Bird watching is a fantastic way to connect with nature and observe the diverse avian species around you. Even in urban environments, you’ll be surprised by the variety of them that frequent parks and gardens. To start, first, you need to get a bird guidebook, then set up bird feeders in your garden, and keep a journal to document your sightings.

If you’re indoors, use binoculars to observe birds from your window and create a checklist of the species you spot. Since the key is to attract more birds to your garden, consider planting native flowers that provide food and shelter. Even better, join local bird-watching groups or online communities to share your sightings and gain insights from seasoned enthusiasts.

Treasure hunt

Turn your garden into an exciting adventure by organizing a treasure hunt. Take a nice piece of paper and write down nature-inspired items for participants to find, such as a specific leaf or a particularly shaped stone. Alternatively, you can make items and give them a unique appeal that will truly make them special for the finder.

For indoor fun, adapt the hunt to items found around the house with a nature twist, like a seashell or a pinecone. If you have dried flowers, plants, nature-inspired paintings, or anything else that depicts the natural world, like wallpapers or plates, use them as treasures as well. Additionally, tailor the treasure hunt to the age group of the participants, incorporating educational elements for children. Consider adding clues or riddles that lead to each hidden item, turning the hunt into a captivating adventure.

Indoor gardening

Bring the outdoors inside by starting an indoor garden. Cultivate herbs, flowers, or even small vegetables in pots or containers specially designed for indoor gardening. This is more than adding a touch of nature to your living space. Gardening has many therapeutic benefits and you can enjoy most of them inside your home, as well.

It’s also a good idea to consider aromatic plants like lavender or basil to enhance your indoor environment with delightful scents. Choose plants that thrive in indoor conditions and require minimal maintenance like mint, rosemary, and chives. The trending option is vertical gardening or hanging planters from the ceiling if space is limited, as well as being creative with DIY plant labels or decorative pots.

In the end

Nature offers an endless array of possibilities for enjoyment and exploration, and you don’t always have to venture far to experience its wonders. When considering fun nature activities you can do inside or in the garden, try to work with what is readily available, like stargazing or gardening. Whatever you opt for, always embrace the beauty of nature and let your imagination run wild with these satisfying adventures.