For those looking for a place with exotic flora and fauna, natural wonders, white sand beaches, Australia should be the first and foremost choice. From the amazing and extraordinary sights to the super exotic cuisines, absolutely nothing will make you feel less enthusiastic on this island. But most travellers or people who expect a luxurious getaway consider Sydney or Melbourne as their ultimate destination. 

No! A trip to Australia will be incomplete if you return without paying a visit to Manly, the beachside suburb of Sydney. The long beach beds, the ferry rides, and a hearty meal from one of waterfront Manly restaurants make Manly a perfect vacay destination for everyone.

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Here are four things you can do in Manly with 24 hours in your hand.

1. Ride “the most beautiful” Manly Ferry:

Yes! That is how the locals call the ferry ride. Through a short ride to Manly from Sydney, the ride blesses us with a beautiful view of the Opera House, the Sydney headlands, and the Tarong Zoo. One is given two ferry options – The fast ferry and the traditional ferry. The traditional ferries being slower and cheaper than the former gives you a chance to take in an extraordinary view in no rush of time.

2. Pedal around Manly:

There are cycling lanes built, especially in Manly for around 20 Kilometres. Take a cycle and pedal your way around the spectacular town. It is your choice to go at your leisure or take a guided tour. You will get to know about the peninsula’s history and notable points of attractions. 

3. Fine Dining:

Manly is known for its exotic culinary experiences. Especially the waterfront Manly restaurants offer a luxurious dining experience that one shouldn’t miss. With a wide array of cuisines from all around the world, a waterfront for the view, there is nothing more one can ask for. 

4. Snorkelling:

This is for aquatic adventure lovers. Situated at the Cabbage Tree Bay Aquatic Reserve, snorkelling allows one to enjoy the world’s beautiful nature along with the sea creatures in their natural habitat itself. One does not get to see such sights every day. The highlight of this activity is a walk and talk snorkelling activity that allows one to make new friends. In two hours, one can get all the underwater adventures of life and meet new people.

There is also a lot in Manly for people who love art and literature. Manly’s famous Lighthouse, The Manly Art Museum, and The North Head Sanctuary all have their own rich culture and heritage.

Manly’s northern beaches and all the exotic restaurants are sure to give one all the relaxation and revitalization, and quality time one is yearning for. A walk along the white velvet coast, munching on fish and chips, accompanied by the delicious smell of roasted meat from the Manly diners along the coast waiting to watch the sunset, is all one could ask for in life. And that is what Manly gives you.