Protein Drinks

The popularity of protein supplements continues to soar over the years, as more people begin taking their health seriously. They purchase protein powder and other supplements to speed up muscle gain, help them with their weight management journey, or to help them recover faster from their injury. While there are plenty of perks that you may get from taking protein supplements like shakes, some people find the taste of these concoctions difficult to bear.

If you want to ensure that you get all the benefits of protein powder while enjoying its taste at the same time, you need to learn the proper tricks of concocting delicious protein shakes. Here are several ways to help you make better tasting protein drinks.

Tip #1: Mix It Properly

When making protein shakes, you must remember that taste and texture always compliment each other. You will not enjoy it if your drink is lumpy from the undissolved protein powder. You can solve this problem by mixing and blending all the ingredients properly. 

You may use a protein shaker for this purpose if you have to make the drink on the go or rely on your standard blender if you want to enjoy your protein shake at home. Always check if all the ingredients are well combined before taking a sip to make it taste great.

Tip #2: Invest In High-Quality Protein

Another crucial factor in ensuring that you have delicious protein shakes is the protein powder you use when making the drink. Most of the time, low-cost protein powders often have low quality. They also have unappetising taste and texture. So always look for a high-quality protein powder that contains no artificial flavours and fillers that could make the drink taste weird. 

You must also strive to make it a point to buy from reliable stores or online shops so you can have a guarantee that you will only get the best tasting protein supplements all the time.  

Tip #3: Create Your Own Flavour 

Make a protein shake that suits your taste by buying unflavoured protein powder, then sweeten and flavour it according to your liking. You may add a little amount of your preferred natural sweetener. It could be anything from agave, honey, or natural maple syrup. 

You may also improve the flavour of the drink by using fruits. Some of your choices include mashed bananas, mashed mangoes, mashed berries, or any fruits in season. 

Tip #4: Know Your Preferred Base 

Some protein shakes taste plain if you use water as its base. You may improve its flavour by using milk or milk substitutes like soy milk, coconut milk, almond milk, or other nut milk instead. These bases will help you create a creamier drink with a pleasant flavour. 

Adding yogurt to your protein shake will also boost the shake’s creaminess and flavour tremendously. Other bases that you may choose from to enhance the taste of your drink include orange juice, pomegranate juice, or other strong-flavoured natural juices.  

Tip #5: Keep Your Protein Shake Cold 

Most people find protein shakes delicious when cold. Some even believe that these drinks taste a bit off at room temperature. You may use various products that can help keep your drinks cold like insulated tumblers and backpack coolers. 

Making sure that your protein shakes taste better all the time will help you keep the habit of drinking protein supplements. It will allow you to get all the benefits brought by protein powders without struggling to ingest it. It will also help you have a healthy and delicious fitness snack or meal replacement every time you need one.