Biden Vs Trump 2024 – Is Trump running in 2024 ?

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Considering all the debate and hype that is raging on, who is the best candidate for President? Is it Donald Trump or Joseph R Biden? Those questions are not only controversial, but they are important because voters are looking for answers. I will take a look at how the two candidates are perceived and how they perform in a number of areas.

Foreign policy

Despite their differences, Joe Biden and Donald Trump share many of the same foreign policy objectives, but they also have different approaches. Trump’s foreign policy is centered on security, while Biden’s is multilateralist. However, whoever wins the November election will face a variety of international challenges.

The United States is no longer a power unquestioned around the world, and public  confidence in our foreign policy has weakened considerably. This is a problem, because the next president will have to find a way to link our goals abroad to domestic needs.

Among Joe Biden’s foreign policy priorities are defending democracy, promoting              human rights, and rebuilding soft power. But, some critics say these are not very  realistic goals.

For instance, Joe Biden supports continued negotiations with North Korea, and he has called Trump’s repeated meetings with Kim Jong-Yu“photo ops”. But he also says that Trump has shattered our hemispheric ties, and that our use of force should be limited to protecting vital interests.

Meanwhile, Pompeo warns that the world is descending into nationalism and populism. He promises to reinstate support for NATO, reenter the Paris climate agreement, and rejoin the Iran nuclear deal. However, he also warns that “autocrats will rush in and try to take over.”

While both candidates will find opportunities abroad, they will also face roadblocks to fulfilling international agendas. Both will need to work with allies and engage with countries around the world.

Although Joe Biden is trying to portray the opposite of Trump’s foreign policy, his record on the international stage isn’t that different. He has opposed some trade deals, backed some U.S. military interventions abroad, and has sold billions of dollars in weapons to Egypt.

However, he has also said that the United States should help African countries develop. In the future, he says Washington should pursue new arms control arrangements with Moscow.

However, his foreign policy will be shaped by public opinion. Public confidence in American foreign policy has eroded significantly, and many experts question whether the next president will be able to link our goals abroad to our needs at home.

Approval ratings @ Biden Vs Trump 2024

Compared to President Trump’s approval rating in the same stage of his presidency, President Joe Biden’s approval rating is much lower. The approval rating for Biden is lower among Democrats than Trump’s among Republicans. While it is true that Biden has had the smallest base of support of all presidents, there are still plenty of voters who will vote for him.

A Morning Consult Political Intelligence survey shows that voters disapprove of Biden in 44 states in the second quarter of 2024. This survey shows that a majority of registered voters disapprove of Biden’s performance in office, and that the majority of those voters plan to vote for Democrats in congressional races. The survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 2 percentage points.

Overall, the approval rating for Biden is lower than for Trump, but the gap is narrowing. The approval rating for Biden is lower among registered voters than Trump’s in all but nine states. The approval rating for Biden is lower among whites than Trump, but the approval rating for Biden is higher among nonwhite voters.

Biden’s approval rating is weakest among young voters. He is also seen as less appealing among whites without college degrees. In addition, he is seen as less appealing among moderate Democratic voters. The latest NPR/PBS News Hour/Marist Poll shows that 36% of Americans approve of the job Biden is doing.

The approval rating for Biden is worse than when he started his presidency, but it is better than when he left office. His approval rating is also lower than that of President George W. Bush (61%) and President Ronald Reagan (42%). The approval rating for Biden has increased in recent months. But Biden has been criticised by his own party, officials and progressives. He has also been accused of failing to take action against Senator Joe Manchin.

As the midterm elections approach, the numbers for Biden and Trump may be in rough shape. The latest polls show that the political environment is likely to be more hostile to Democrats than last year.

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Almost two-thirds of Americans don’t think of Joe Biden as a “strong, decisive leader“. But more than half of the public agrees that Trump is a better president. And nearly two-thirds of Americans don’t consider Biden to be mentally sharp.

Despite these trends, the polls show a statistical tie between the two candidates. In late October 2020, 36 percent of Americans said they would prefer the current White House occupant to Biden. The difference appears to be largely due to voters’ perceptions of Trump and Biden on likability and personal traits.

During the last presidential campaign, many voters liked Trump’s blunt, anti- establishment style. His campaign’s hostility to globalization, hostility to the press and anti-establishment stances won millions of voters for Trump.

The current political battle is between the Trump machine and Democratic opponents. The battle is a familiar one in a deeply divided country. But it’s a battle between leaders who see democracy as under attack.

Among Democrats, the Ipsos poll showed a slight bump in approval for Biden. But independents showed little change. In fact, Trump‘s approval rating dropped four points.

In a similar survey, ABC News and Ipsos showed that 37 percent of Americans approved of the economic recovery. The poll also showed that Americans believe the federal government is doing a better job of improving COVID-19 recovery.

Another survey by Yahoo and YouGov showed a decline in issues related to climate change. While 63 percent of Democrats think the U.S. is handling the issue properly, nearly two-thirds of adults under 30 disagree.

In addition, a majority of Americans say that Joe Biden “stands up for what he believes in.” These sentiments suggest that Joe Biden is a reliable and honest leader. However, a segment of Democrats believe that Biden hasn’t done enough on climate issues.

These results also show that the economy is a big factor in voters’ perceptions of Biden. While the economy has been improving, it’s not clear that it’s enough.

A growing number of Americans are unhappy with the country.  They think the country is in a lot of trouble. They also say that the country is suffering from a series of crises. This could contribute to a decrease in Biden’s approval ratings.

Dems’ reaction to a possible 2024 run

Whether a possible 2024 Biden vs Trump match-up will work out in the general election is still unclear. Despite his tepid re-election performance in 2016, Trump remains a popular choice among Republican voters. However, many Democratic voters are still uncertain about who the party’s nominee should be.

The Democratic field includes a diverse group of candidates. Some are more liberal than others, while others are more moderate. Some candidates have received a lot of support from voters who backed other third-party candidates in 2016. The Democratic National Committee has asked donors to contribute money to help defeat Trumpism.

Among the candidates who have received the most support are Warren, Sanders, and Buttigieg. Democrats are divided on whether it is more important to find common ground with Republicans or to push for policies that Democrats want.

The Pew Research Center survey of 10,491 registered voters found that the preferences of Democrats were divided. Twenty-six percent of Democratic voters said they favored Biden, while only 21% said they would vote for Warren. The survey also found that fewer than half of Democrats expected their party to win the election.

The survey also found that younger voters have a more negative opinion of the Republican Party. In addition, a majority of Democratic voters said that they find some candidates interesting. However, only a minority of Democrats said they were excited about a possible 2020 Biden vs. Trump match-up.

In the Electoral College, Biden defeated Trump by 306 to 232. The former president’s support among black women was strong. His victory came despite a

decline in support among black male voters, from 14% in the 2016 election to 12% in the 2020 election.

Many Democrats say there is still room for Warren if Biden does not run. However, other candidates are expected to wade into the water if Biden does not run.

Many Democratic voters say they do not support Trump. Many Democratic voters also say that other countries are better than the U.S., and that illegal immigration is a problem. However, a majority of Democrats also say that newcomers improve the U.S., but do not threaten traditional American values.

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