4 Tips for Coming Out as a Lesbian and Embracing Your Sexuality

Researchers estimate that Americans who identify as gay or lesbian cover over 20% of the population for men and women. Despite this, many people only recognize a much lower percentage.

With the outdated stigma that surrounds the topic, many people feel fearful of coming out of the closet. But, hiding who you are can create stress and pain for you.

Come out proud! Read on to learn 4 tips for embracing your sexuality and coming out as a lesbian.

1. Know Your Own Truth

Dig deep to discover your own truth. People often bury their truth inside of them out of fear or shame.

This leads to confusion. You try to follow the status quo and pretend to fit into it, but never feel quite right.

If you identified as straight your whole life but always questioned that choice, explore your doubts in a way you feel comfortable. Take baby steps to discover your sexuality. 

Maybe you will find that you are only bi-curious, and one experience satisfies your doubt. But, you may learn that you prefer women, and allowing yourself to grasp this truth will put you in the direction towards happiness and fulfillment.

2. Accept Yourself

Before you can expect anybody else in the world to accept you and your life choices, you must accept yourself. Take some time to come to terms with your sexuality on your own and learn to accept it. 

This means letting go of the stigma others attached to sexuality. Know it does not belong to you and you will stop carrying it the moment you choose to put it down.

Understand your sexuality as a part of who you are, and that whoever you are is worthy of love, respect, and acceptance. When you always act from this energy, others tend to accept you more freely.

3. Speak from Your Heart

When telling your family you’re gay, it can stir up a mix of emotions. You cannot control all of it, but take authority of what comes from you.

Do not tell somebody out of anger or spite, or that is how they will always view your partnerships. Rather, speak from a place of love when you feel open and level-headed.

Explain how coming out to them takes trust and courage on your end. Acknowledge any confusion or bad feelings they may experience. But, follow it up with how much their acceptance would mean to you. 

4. Only Explain to Your Comfort Level

Remember, you do not actually owe anybody an explanation. You do not need to open up to the level that these lesbian models choose to.

You are gifting them as a courtesy because you care about the way they feel. But this subject revolves around your sexual preferences, which many people keep private.

With this in mind, only explain yourself to your comfort level. If there ask questions that you find difficult to answer at the moment, tell them you need time to process and will let them know if you feel comfortable discussing more at a later time.

Make Coming Out as a Lesbian About You

Coming out as a lesbian can feel stressful and scary. Remember to make this decision about yourself and your life. Tell your loved ones to forge a closer bond and not to defend yourself against stereotypes.

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