Which tools student can use for their exams?

Exams are a headache for every student but that is very necessary as it tests what all you have learned from your studies. Though hard work is the main key to crack the exams with the best results, students can also work on different strategies which adds to their hard work. The common idea is to do hard work in the right direction and thus it will only add to your success stories.

Key Reasons to use helping tools:

Many children might not be engaged in using such tools and are still capable of doing great in the exams. This might be because of their capacity but the tools mentioned in the following content are just to add more to what you study.

These tools are simply to help whatever is necessary to be done. For example, these tools provide Assignment help by not giving the assignment answers but helping the student to develop their method to solve any assignment. 

Following are some points that specify how the tools help students for their exams:

  • Tools help the student to cover more portion of their study in less time.
  • There are several practices rather than tools that help the student remember things faster.
  • Assignment help online by going through some online tools which guide you to carry out a particular type of assignment.
  • Tools add to what you have done. If the student has completed most of the course, it helps to prepare the answers with perfect words.
  • To conclude the facts about the tools, it adds a silver lining to the hard work and learning of the student.

Best tools student can use for their exams:

Following are the tools/ practices that help the student in the regular studies from making the most of what they have studied to draw a proper plan, everything is taken into consideration while discussing about the different tools. One might like every tool and might not be comfortable using it but none of them are worthless.

Some online tools add and help the students to prepare well. Following are the best online tools which a student might never want to miss:

  • GoConqr

This tool allows the student to input data while studying and help them to make their mind maps. Mind maps have always been important for any student because it allows you to study a lot of topics at one go when you actually revise every topic and still does not need to flip through pages. 

This tool also has many other features relating to making notes, etc which combines to the point that this tool focus on helping the student study wide course study faster. The tool can be used by the user at multiple platforms and thus helping the student even more. 

  • Quizlet

Now, this tool is a complete package for the student of all the ages. The point which might be liked by parents as well that it can be also used offline. There are times when the student talks about studying online and using online tools but that does not happen and they end up doing random stuff. To avoid that, they can download it online and then use it.

Also, the tool is free and thus more and more students can access it. Once you input your study material, it processes the data and makes different quiz questions on the same. It also makes the flashcard and random games on the same which makes the study of the student lively.

  • Evernote

As the name suggests, it focuses on organizing your notes which you might have made with no flow. The tools help you to put everything in one place, create the required linking and then you have a prepared final note which you can carry anywhere and refer anytime and will not have to flip through different points and connect things.

This is a place where you can stuff everything that might be going on in your mind, some important tasks which might be related to schools but yet needs to be completed.

  • StudyBlue

This tool is different from the other tools and not everyone might find this interesting but once you start using it with complete focus, there is no going back. This tool allows students from different parts to share notes and study things with one another. Students from similar backgrounds get to go through so many notes and this is extremely healthy because the points where one student lacks, there are chances that the other student has covered it beautifully and easily.

Students can also exchange words and join hands for project work. The tool also allows the student to go through the library which has a stock of many different courses and subjects. The student is also allowed to store their notes and stuff and create more out of their study. 

Following are the offline tools that are common and every student might have heard of it:

  • There is multiple software, that helps the student to create offline exams. Now, this is a great option for the students as they can actually experience the test and also learn where they are weak. The software reports about the topics where the student is weak.

These software’s have multiple advantages. They make the student confident as the student has already given the test of every topic and that makes them feel better in the exam. Secondly, the student also gets to understand where they lack and also cover up those missing lines and thus cracking exams with excellent results. 

Software example: EPractize, Toppr, etc


The advantages of using the tools and how different tools add up differently to your learning has been the main focus of the discussion here. Not every student can be comfortable with every tool, but it is advised to use the tools as there are no harms and you can carry out the process faster and get more desirable results.