Electrical Home Inspection

Most international tourists coming to Australia for the first time will visit Sydney but only to the regions that are closest to the coastal line, which is eastern Sydney. However, unbeknownst to them, Sydney has a lot to offer if these tourists head out further west towards the inner Australian regions. Known as Western Sydney, this region of Sydney is far different than the suburbs near the coastal region. Western Sydney still has wide-open spaces that make it seem like you are living in Australia when it was still not too crowded. 

People who are living in Western Sydney may live in homes with a lot of open spaces. This is a lot better than the dense housing of the more suburban regions within Sydney’s central business district. Having homes that are far apart from each other will ensure that tragedies such as house fire will not spread easily within the neighbourhood. 

Speaking of fires, the latest statistics show that the leading cause of house fires within Australia is from faulty electrical systems. Because of this, it is important to have your homes regularly checked by a licensed electrician in Western Sydney to assess the integrity and working condition of your home’s electrical system. 

Electrical Home Inspection

An electrical home inspection is a process of thoroughly examining the entire electrical system of your home to ensure that all of its elements are within the standards set by the AS/NZS 300:2018 Standards for Electrical Installations. These standards dictate the conditions on the proper wiring installations of electrical systems for the prevention of fires and electrocution. Electrical home inspections are recommended during these conditions:

When you are planning to purchase a home

If you are looking to purchase a new home, it is best to hire the services of a qualified electrician in Western Sydney to inspect the entire electrical system of your home especially if the home that you are purchasing is very old already. 

When your home is older than 40 years old

The Australian Standards for Electrical Installations have changed significantly over the past years. Homes that have been built more than 40 years ago may have electrical installations that are already outdated and no longer meet the standards. It is therefore important to have the electrical installations of these homes inspected and changed according to standards. 

When you are planning to add additional appliances

When your home’s electrical wiring was not installed correctly, additional loads coming from new appliances may cause your wiring to overheat causing electrical fires. It is therefore important that when you are planning to add major electrical appliances such as air conditioning units or heaters, that you first consult with an electrician West in Sydney to check if your wiring can take the additional load.

When your home underwent a major remodeling

If you just had a major remodelling done to your home, then the renovation may have damaged existing installations. It is best to have your electrical systems thoroughly checked by an unbiased electrician immediately after a remodelling. Suppose your wiring got damaged because of the contractor’s work, the assessment coming from the electrical inspection can give you sufficient evidence to demand from the contractor that they fix your wiring for free. 

When you plan to have an electrical home inspection, make sure to hire a licensed electrician in Western Sydney for the job.