Art Mediums

Sydney is one of the most iconic cities that you can visit. With the world-famous landmarks of the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge within the city limits, Sydney is a go-to place for artists who want to capture the landmarks using their artistic styles. Speaking of artistic styles, artists differ in how they create art. Visual artists use different mediums, and some artists prefer to hone their skills using only one type of medium. 

If you are a budding artist and want to develop your skills in painting, you must know the different types of art mediums being used. This knowledge will help you to choose the medium from the many art supplies in Sydney that may be available for you. Here are the common types of art mediums that you can use. 


Tempera is one of the oldest mediums being used by artists which dates back to the early first century. Tempera is a medium composed of natural pigments mixed with cohesive materials such as egg yolk. This type of medium dries fast but is long-lasting. However, tempera is hard to come by these days. You will need to have the skills to mix your own.  

Oil Paints.

Oil painting is a term used for pigments that are dissolved in oil-based solvents. Oil painting replaced tempera as the most popular medium for use in medium to large paintings. One advantage of using oil painting is that they are slow to dry, which may allow artists to change some elements in their work by adding another layer of oil-based paint onto the canvas. 

Acrylic Paints.

Acrylic paints are water-based paints where you can add water to thin the color down to create a gouache or watercolor effect. However, when allowed to dry, acrylic paints become resistant to water. Acrylic paints dry faster as compared to oil paints. This fast-drying ability of acrylic allows artists to add different depths of texture by adding layers of acrylic paint over dried paints. 


Although most people had used watercolours when they were children, painting effectively with watercolours is not easy. Beginning artists might have trouble using watercolours effectively since once you have applied watercolour on paper, there is little that you can do to correct it if you made a mistake. Watercolours are effective in creating translucent paintings that seem to capture light changes. 


Charcoal is a medium that has been used even by cavemen which makes it one of the oldest mediums for art. Modern charcoal sticks are composed of powdered charcoal bonded by wax. The rubbing of the charcoal stick to the canvas or paper melts the wax binding to release charcoal powder to the canvass. When using charcoal, it is important to spray your entire painting with a fixative film so that the powder will permanently bind with the canvas. 


Pastels are some of the most sought-after art supplies in Sydney because of their abilities to create brightly coloured artworks. Artists using pastels are also able to combine them to get different art effects. For example, when you combine softer coloured pastels with others to create a blended colour effect. Hard-coloured pastels are also used to create contrasts and to distinguish object outlines. Pastels are more forgiving with errors since you can reduce the colours using sponges and then blending different colours to correct the mistake. 

The above list of media is just some of the mediums that you can choose from when you are looking for art supplies in Sydney. Try one or try to combine different mediums and look for your style of art.