Solar Panel Cleaning

The time when your savings is greater than the installation cost of your solar panels is called solar payback time. Also known as solar break-even point, it usually happens four to seven years after the installation. It all depends on certain determining factors such as where you live, the battery size, and the angle of the roof.

So, in other words, enjoying the money-saving perks of having solar panels requires patience. It will come for sure, but you will have to wait for a while.

Whilst waiting for solar payback time to bring joy to your pocket, it’s of utmost importance to maintain the structural integrity of your solar panels. You certainly don’t want them to conk out before they get the chance to prove their worth.

This is when the benefit of regular solar panel cleaning comes in, which is best carried out by a company with years of experience.

Rainwater Won’t Do

Never assume that rain can do the solar cleaning task for you. Although rainwater can indeed wash away loose dust and dirt, it cannot get rid of other things that can stick to the solar panels and get in the way of their efficient functioning.

In some instances, hot water is what’s needed to bring back the spot-free condition of your solar panels, which is why many professional cleaners offer hot water cleaning.

Other cleaning modes may be employed as well. However, it is recommended to avoid the use of chemicals because some of them may do more harm than good. Homeowners should look for chemical-free cleaning being offered by reputable local companies.

Increased Overall Efficiency

One of the primary reasons for keeping the solar panels as spic and span as possible is that dirt and other contaminants can keep them from carrying out their job. While they may still work, they may fail to provide what homeowners expect from them.

Just how much of a difference can regular solar panel cleaning make? Well, it can increase efficiency by up to a whopping 30 per cent!

The boost in efficiency stemming from regular cleaning will depend on certain factors, such as the battery and panel size. No matter the case, the fact remains that your solar panels can impress more if they are kept as spotless as they possibly can with the help of the pros.

Optimized Longevity

Solar panels are always exposed to harsh elements. They are also susceptible to debris, sand, and dust particles that have abrasive properties.

Allowing them to accumulate on the solar panels is a complete no-no as they can contribute to or speed up the wear and tear process. When this happens, it’s not just the efficiency of the solar panels that are on the line but also their longevity.

This is when the importance of regularly cleaning them comes in. Inspection by the pros routinely can also help keep small problems from winding up as serious ones that can cause costly repairs or replacements.

Restored Curb Appeal

Having clean solar panels is vital for both efficient performance and having a nice-looking home. Nothing can make heads turn towards your home for all the wrong reasons more than the presence of dirty solar panels on its roof.

By allowing the experts to spring into action regularly or as needed, your home can look more appealing to you, your visitors, and the entire neighborhood.