refrigerator repair

A refrigerator is one of the essential and necessary appliances of our home as it keeps running continuously. Therefore, it is essential to consider the maintenance and quick repair of the refrigerator in case of any issues.

The only good thing about a refrigerator is the long gap between the issues. However, when an issue arrives, it can cause a high-repair or maintenance bill. It can be because of a part replacement, repair, or anything else. So, the question is how to avoid this costly repair and maintenance bill of your refrigerator?

Here is a compiled list of solutions to the common problems that you should know about refrigerator repair. This list will help you to repair and resolve common problems that you can handle on your own and save a lot of money. The best thing about these tips is that they are easy to learn, requires less appliance knowledge, and can be quickly done. 

How to Repair Refrigerator Leaking Problem?

Water leaking is one of the most common refrigerator issues and can be quickly resolved without needing a refrigerator repair. This problem is easy to fix, as there are only three issues that cause leaking. 

1. Cleaning of Door Gaskets

Door gaskets are soft-rubber that have a high possibility of water leaks at the bottom of the refrigerator. The reason behind the bottom leak is the weak sealing or if the rubber is not sealed correctly. 

To resolve this issue, you need to clean the rubber seal and the section that touches the refrigerator body. You can use warm soapy water to clean the seal and the part both. If cleaning doesn’t stop the leaking, then it’s a sign that you consider the door gasket replacement and refrigerator repair

2. Clogging of Defrost Drain

Another reason for refrigerator water leaking is the clogging of the defrosting drain. The defrost drain came out of the freezer, and there is a high possibility of its clogging in case of water leaking. 

3. Drain Pan

The drain pain lies at the bottom in the form of a tray. This tray gets filled with water from time to time and requires to be removed. If the water-filled in the tray does not remove at the right time, it will simply leak out from the plate. Therefore, it needs to be cleared and cleaned with warm and soapy water. 

What To Do If Refrigerator Is Producing Noise?

Another common problem is the noise created by your refrigerator. This problem can be solved easily without requiring a refrigerator repair service.

The standard sound that the refrigerator produces is ice clattering and hissing. On the other hand, if you hear any type of vibrating, humming, whirring, or buzzing sound, you need to fix it as soon as possible as it’s an abnormal sound. 

Here are some fixes for the above type of sounds. 

1. Level the Refrigerator

With time, the leveling of the refrigerator needs to be adjusted again. You can quickly turn the legs of a fridge with the help of a wrench. Make sure you keep open the door halfway while leveling the fridge. 

2. Place the Fridge on a Soundproofing Mat

Another solution to resolve the sound issue of a refrigerator is to put your fridge on a soundproofing mat. The particular dense form of soundproofing mats not only reduces the vibration of the refrigerator but also reduces the amount of sound it produces.

3. Icemaker Adjustments

The icemaker adjustment is an ideal solution for the buzzing sound of a fridge. This sound came in every 10-15 minutes from the refrigerator and lasts about five seconds. This problem occurs when the icemaker unable to make ice due to the disabling of the water. 

You can quickly solve this problem by turning off the icemaker or by raising the arm of the ice sensor. Also, you can check the supply valve and any kind of leaking from the attached line behind the refrigerator. 

4. Evaporator Fan Grommets Replacement

The evaporator fan is easily accessible as it resides inside the freezer compartment. First, unplug the unit, and remove all the shelves and items kept inside the freezer. Now, open the access door that resides at the back of the freezer with the help of a screwdriver. The fan maintains the constant temperature inside the freezer. There is a high possibility that the fan rubber grommets of the freezer may be broken or worn out. These rubber grommets are cheap and can be easily purchased from a store or online. 

Wrapping Up

The above small tips are convenient and easy to do. Refrigerator repair is not rocket science as common problems of a refrigerator can easily be performed at home without calling a technician. Self-repairing not only will save you a lot of money but will also increase the life of your home appliance.