Designer Eyewear

Designer eyewear is not only about style but also about quality. Most people forget this which makes them believe that it is not worth it. We bring to you 3 significant reasons why designer eyewear is not only worth it, but also a must for you to at least try.

You can’t trust random eyewear.

Not every pair of glasses or sunglasses is trustworthy when it comes to quality. Designer eyewear is a result of passionate work in exquisite factories and labs that not only take care of the style and the colour but also the lenses. 

Using advanced technology to get lenses custom made for you is not something a random brand might be able to do. Especially because lenses used in transition glasses, anti-blue light glasses, varifocals, etc. are quite complex. A random eyewear brand might just not make your lenses with as precision as required. 

Don’t forget, designer eyewear is also a form of investment. You buy a pair once and you don’t have to worry about buying another for years. The reason for this is the sturdy and durable material used in designer eyewear. From screws to spring hinges, lenses to temples, nose bridge to nose pads, everything is a follow-up of efforts to meet the best standards. 

It is crucial to remember, a job as significant as improving your eyesight or protecting your eyes should not be left to cheap and low-quality lenses.

2. Designer Eyewear is not really that expensive.

Now let’s talk some truth. Only a few designer eyewear brands charge as much as an iPhone. Not all! Brands like Ted Baker, Calvin Klein and Hackett have made their name with the quality and style, not with extravagant pricing. Let’s get you to know them in brief.

Ted Baker: Known as the ‘no ordinary designer label’ pairs, Ted Baker glasses are famous for their love for perfection. The brand creates and reinvents glasses with nuances of the retro world and modern times equally. With lightweight and stunning designs on the table along with cherishable colours, Ted Baker makes sure to sit deep in people’s hearts.

Hackett: If you are looking for inspirational designer eyewear, then Hackett glasses are the right match. Wearing them not only helps compliment your personality but also attain polished looks that are matchless. With its avant-garde spirits and custom made styles for you, Hackett aims at spreading stylish vibes at affordable prices.

Calvin Klein: If you love portraying some dynamism along with minimalistic creativity, then Calvin Klein glasses are your best bet. Designer eyewear from such a brand brings with it, its sophistication, versatility, and contemporary vibes that you can’t stay without experiencing for yourself. 

3. Indulge when you can.

You know this. Life is short. If you can afford them, you must get these designer glasses that can amp up your lifestyle instantly. The rich assortment of colours and styles ranging from cat-eyes, wayfarers, aviators, oval, round, browline, and more can make anyone feel on top of the world. 

Double bridge or no bridge. Tortoiseshell or marble prints. Full-rim or Rimless. Each and every variety with the high-end appeal and quality brings a feeling of pep and class that no random eyewear can bring. It is worth repeating here, life is pretty short. You must indulge in the sophistication, creativity, and comfort of designer eyewear if you can.

Not embellishing your personality with designer eyewear might turn out to be a mistake you don’t want to do. It’s time you choose a pair according to your taste and then have your own opinion about them. Don’t forget, when you buy designer eyewear at Specscart, we save you loads of money by providing free anti-UV, anti-glare, and scratch-resistant coatings. You can thus use the saved money for a cherishable designer eyewear treat for yourself.