Flipping program

In the real estate business, relationships lead to referrals and give stability to investors. Having a team of efficient people to help at every stage of the house flipping process can ensure long-term success. If you want to know about the fundamentals of this industry, learn the Astro Flipping program developed by KeyGlee Investments. 

The system developed by the company provides you guidance in increasing your profits with minimum efforts. Emphasizing a contact center approach helps the learners maintain the flip with easy scheduling of appointments and analysis of every resource. At every stage of the process, it stresses building relationships. Let’s find why:

Importance of Building Relationships 

If you want success, it is significant to become familiar with the market and big investors ruling over it. Find large-scale companies and realtors having firsthand information about the local real estate. They can guide you in your quest to flip and make more profits. 

Every investor learning through this program gets multiple opportunities. Here, the focus is on nurturing relationships and rapport with significant wholesaling operations to grab the best deals.

In this system, someone from your team will visit some scouted properties and put them in a list to make multiple appointments every day. Get better visibility on the potential leads and spend most of your time on crucial matters. You may also offer referral commissions to realtors and use their resources in return.

What Does the Course Entail?

Astro Flipping, as a real estate education program, provides ample material for amateur and seasoned investors for growing and scaling their wholesaling operations. It is a 10-hour course that runs for six weeks with daily classes. In the first week, the course talks about the mentality of the investors. 

As it progresses to the second week, the focus shifts to the real estate framework, and the third week entails the wholesale approach of this course. Since the program is all about building long-term relationships, the company sends emails with the latest information, guidance, and contract models to manage different forms of issues and transactions. 

You can also get live calls with the CEO and founder of the company. They share their experience in completing thousands of successful flipping transactions over the years.

Is It Same as Wholesaling?

Though many people argue that AstroFlipping and wholesaling are the same, it is not so. As a comprehensive program, the former stresses and promotes flipping pitches where you have to focus on investors having properties for wholesale in the city. Further, it helps you to understand how you can apply discounts on any switch to close the deal successfully. 

On the other hand, wholesaling involves rapid buying and selling of houses below the market value to interested investors and buyers. You can take part in a flip by associating with other wholesalers in the market.

This course will also give you the complete charge of the property so you can get opportunities to contact any investor. Unlike wholesaling, where you get limited profits depending on the properties you buy or sell, Astro Flipping allows you to take advantage of any deal. 

If you are new in the flipping business, this course will prepare you to undertake a full-scale real estate wholesaling empire with consistent efforts.