Wedding Shoes

On the long string of wedding items to shop for your wedding wardrobe, finding the right wedding shoes to go along your dress is an absolute priority. For many brides, this is the ultimate pursuit of style and comfort. Whatever your desires could be, your wedding shoes have an enormous part to play, mainly since you will spend much of your big day in them.

So how can you find what kind of wedding shoes are perfect for you? Here are five factors you need to consider:


When choosing your bridal shoes, ensure they go well together with your wedding gown. If you’re planning a classic route and you’re sporting an all-white outfit, you ought to be sure that the whites match up. You also have to compliment the details of your wedding shoes to that of your dress.

Furthermore, keep in mind that the length of your dress is essential. If the gown isn’t long enough, putting on a pair of super stiletto heels might make it appear a little weird. Gowns also tend to get caught on the rear of high heels, and it may tear your skirt, so it’s definitely worth considering.

Even though some brides buy their wedding gown and fit their footwear, some like to have their shoes first then carry them along during the fitting. Either way, just don’t forget to keep one in mind while shopping for the other.


The venue of the marriage ceremony will also play an essential role in choosing your shoe style for the day. 

Open-air locations are stunning and famous for weddings, but certain outdoor places have elaborate cobblestone structures that will make navigating in high heels almost unbearable. For seaside wedding ceremonies, some types of sandals can still get stuck in the sand and your gown. In a more conventional setting, you might have difficulty sporting stilettos if there is a lot of grass in the reception area.

Decide where you plan on where you will hold the ceremony and reception then consider getting two different pairs of shoes to accommodate both locations.


Among the most critical questions, that can help you pick your bridal shoes is: When will you tie the knot?

Seasons are significant as they will define the type of shoes that you will need for the event. If the ceremony will be held in December, winter is definitely not a pleasant time to use open-toed shoes because of the chilly weather. If you are tying the knot in the summer or the early spring, then you should lean more towards metallic pumps or bow heels.

Based on how in-tune you are with fashion, choosing your bridal footwear around the season is a wise decision.


Comfort is high up on the list of concerns for wedding shoes, so choose a style that makes you feel comfortable even after wearing it for many hours. 

If you are not a person who usually wears high heels, it’s not a smart move to use them on your big day. Although this is a beautiful day, it would feel endless for the couple to get married. You will need to prepare, put on your bridal shoes for photos, walk down the aisle, stand throughout the ceremony, and then there’s the reception.

A popular trick is to place a pair of flats in the wedding suite so you can wear them after the official segments of the reception, such as the introduction and the wedding dances.


Finally, set and adhere to the budget. Wedding ceremonies are costly events because you’ll have to spend on the location, the wedding planner, the musicians, the gown, the tux, and even the entire entourage. The very last thing you need to do is blow a significant portion of your budget just for the shoes.

Establish a price that you’re happy with once you shop for a pair. Be patient and stick to the plan. Keeping a spending plan can take a little more shopping hours, but you will actually feel better about purchasing shoes within your budget range.

Your bridal shoes are just one element of your wedding outfit, in which you can integrate your distinctive personality. But just before you step out and purchase the first stunning pair you see, pause and think about how the overall look works. Every bride should look and feel like a queen during their big day, and having the perfect pair of shoes will help you achieve that.