Increase YouTube Channel Views

YouTube has undoubtedly earned a tremendous amount of popularity, especially in the last decade or so. It has transformed from the source of entertainment to an ideal platform for marketers, entrepreneurs, Millenials, etc. 

A lot of businesses, entrepreneurs, and bloggers are using YouTube to post video content and promoting their products for sales and conversion. 

One of the most significant factors that play a crucial role in these sales and conversion is views on a YouTube Video. 

Ways to Get More YouTube Views – 

Here are all the ways with which you can get more Youtube views for free to promote your brand and boost your conversion and sales of the product. 

1. Create Compelling Content

Content is King. No matter what strategy you use to increase the number of views on your YouTube channel if your content is not right, then people won’t subscribe and return to your videos again. 

Therefore, make sure you are creating videos that engage the user. Now, how to make such compelling videos?

One of the simplest ways to create engaging videos is to generate How-to Videos. Apart from that, find out your audience’s problem and create a video that gives its solution.  

This strategy not only will help you in engaging users, but they will subscribe to your channel, return for more videos, and ultimately bring more views. 

2. Create Playlists or a Series of Videos On a Topic

One of the significant benefits of creating a playlist on YouTube is Autoplay. 

If you are enjoying some Youtube videos, then it will be hard to draw your attention away from those, especially when they keep playing one after another. 

According to YouTube, playlists work well for businesses and brands when it comes to performance. 

Apart from the above reason, playlists are also one of the easiest ways to improve search engine rankings as you can target multiple keywords in playlist titles. 

3. Add a Watermark to Your Videos

Branding is important. It helps people recognize you and your YouTube channel. 

Adding a watermark not only reflects your branding but also helps you to grab more subscribers and YouTube video views. A watermark can be your brand’s favicon, logo, or any other unique identity that describes your brand. 

You can add a watermark on your YouTube Channel from Creator Studio > Channel > Branding. 

There you can add a watermark for your YouTube Channel. 

4. Using SEO (Search Engine Optimization

SEO is among the easiest ways to boost the number of views on your YouTube videos. Here are few things you can do to optimize your YouTube Channel for search engines. 

  1. Do proper Keyword Research.
  2. Optimize video titles.
  3. Optimize the video description.
  4. Embed videos in blog posts.

Final Words

I hope you must have the answer to the question of how to get YouTube views for free by now. 

Apart from the above strategies, you get free YouTube views such as promoting your YouTube videos on other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc in many other ways. Contact SEO Melbourne for these services.