Home Gardens

Nowadays, busy city dwellers look for activities that will get their minds off their usual stressors for a while. They would try to find a worthwhile hobby to momentarily forget all their problems at work and help calm down their nerves for better mental health. One of the most popular activities that come to mind is growing a garden at home. It allows them to enjoy more greenery in their part of the city and let their entire family bond while tending to their plants. 

But these days, city residents would like to take their gardening up a notch by asking professional landscape artists to help them design their gardens. According to experts from Evogreen, all landscape projects need to suit the homeowner’s time and budget. If you intend to have your garden landscaped by professional landscape artists, here are several trends that you may want to see in your property. 

Symmetrical Landscape

In the past, homeowners wanted to arrange their garden plants in a pleasant, asymmetrical manner. But this arrangement is usually hard to achieve. As much as possible, you need to use a focal point and work from there to develop an enticing pattern. 

Since asymmetrical garden designs require homeowners to exert more effort to maintain, Evergreen landscape professionals suggest a more straightforward yet equally eye-catching garden design using symmetrically-arranged garden plants. By doing this, you will get an assurance that all the flowers in your garden will have the same height and arrangements on all sides of your yard. It will also arrange the flowers according to the colors.  

High-Tech Irrigation System

Due to the advancements in modern technology, more households are willing to invest in smart home devices to make it easier for them to maintain the garden. One of the most successful innovations that they incorporate in their property nowadays is a state-of-the-art irrigation system that includes smart sprinklers

If you decide to install this in your garden, you will be able to control the garden’s irrigation anywhere you go using any smart devices. It means that you can water your plants even if you are in the office or anywhere around the world. You only need a stable Wi-Fi connection. As a result, you will lessen the risk of drying out your plants even if you are not at home for a while. 

Shades Of Blue 

Since Pantone declared that classic blue is the color for 2020, more homeowners started to plant blue-colored flowering plants. They would ask their landscape artists to help them plant blue hydrangeas, bellflowers, balloon flowers, delphiniums, dandelions, blusters, and grape hyacinths, among others. If you want to install more blues in your garden, you can add blue water features, blue pots, or even blue furniture pieces that complement the entire garden. 

Personal Spaces 

Since home gardens in the city can calm down the homeowners, you can incorporate more personal spaces in your garden to use for your quiet time. You may also plant more fruit or vegetable-bearing plants in your own area if you intend to live an organic, all-natural lifestyle. You can customize your personal space according to your preferences. 

These are some of the most preferred ways to fix a small garden in your backyard at home. By applying these landscape trends, you can get the assurance that your small lot will attract everyone in your household to spend more time in the garden. As a result, your newly landscaped garden will turn into a favorite spot at home for your entire family. 

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