tree removal in Sydney

Sydney is the capital city of New South Wales. It is in the driest continent in the world since Australia has an uneven pattern of torrential rains and droughts. Australia values and protects its existing trees. 

The city of Sydney considers trees as essential assets in its urban planning and because trees provide environmental and aesthetic benefits. When the city of Sydney considers a new urban development project, city officials will include trees in their plan because trees will give contrast to buildings while improving a metropolitan area with higher air quality. However, there will be times when a tree will need removal. Here are some of the common reasons for tree removal in Sydney.

Dead Trees

All living things will die a natural death, which is a fact of life. Trees will die no matter how much you take care of it. When a tree dies, you need to remove that tree. The trunk of the tree will slowly deteriorate, and as it does, the structural integrity of the tree trunk will also weaken to the point that it may break. When you have a dead tree around your house, there is a risk that any breakage from the tree will damage your home. For example, when strong winds hit a dead tree, the entire tree may fall and hit your house or your neighbors. Having a fallen tree in your backyard is a potential liability, so it is best to dispose of dead trees with the help of companies that provide services like tree removal in Sydney.

Sick or Diseased Trees

 Another valid reason for removing a tree in your backyard is if the tree is stricken with a disease. Diseases that infect one tree may spread to other trees of the same species. Some illnesses that affect trees may be terminal to the tree. So if a tree gets sick, it is better to remove that tree immediately so that the disease will not spread to the neighboring trees. 

Damaged Trees

Healthy trees may get damaged due to a lot of reasons. Trees may get uprooted because of strong winds from super typhoons. If this happens, you should assess if the damage to the tree can be addressed without endangering your home and other nearby properties. If the damage cannot be corrected, then there is no other option but to remove the tree entirely. Companies offering services like tree removal in Sydney can assess trees after a natural calamity to determine if they pose possible dangers or not.

Encroaching Trees

Trees that have been planted years ago may have gotten too large for an area that they are already invading the home or building foundations. Sometimes, the canopies of trees may spread so wide that they get in the way of phone and power lines. When this happens, the encroaching trees may do a lot of damage when not correctly handled. Most often than not, these encroaching trees are removed from one area and are ideally transplanted to an area where they can grow more.

Other Reasons

There are also other reasons why a tree needs to be removed. A resident may want to use the area where the tree is planted for whatever purpose. A tree may be a nuisance because it sheds seeds and fruits that are non-edible and mess up the yard. 

To summarise, trees may be removed for just about any reason. However, when you are planning to remove a tree from your yard, you must first check with your state for the proper procedures in removing that tree. Tree removal experts can help you in making sure that you follow the proper legal and physical processes in removing your unwanted trees.