Victoria Point, a once-sleepy bayside area, but is now a thriving coastal locality in Redland City, Queensland. It has a complete variety of residential, commercial, and conservation areas. Victoria Point is self-sufficient, with virtually all services and other needs within reach to its over 15,000-strong population. This includes essential health facilities such as gentle dental care.

A licensed dentist in Victoria Point residents can trust is capable of caring for patients of all ages. But with the median age at Victoria Point seven years above the national average, special attention is given to maintaining dental health for people in later stages of life. 

Like all other aspects of your health, proper oral health care changes with age. The older you become, the more dental problems you are likely to encounter. Here are the most common problems encountered by people aged 45 to 65:

Loss of Teeth

Although teeth are amazingly strong, they are far from indestructible. After years of crunching and gnawing, the outer enamel layer of the teeth wears away. Prolonged exposure to citrus fruits and carbonated drinks compound the problem. With a weakened enamel, older people are more vulnerable to a host of dental problems that lead to loss of teeth. 

The normal wear and tear are seen on the teeth, and the gums and soft tissues that line the oral cavity become weaker, leading to wobbly teeth and jawbone deterioration. In addition, the trough between the tooth and the gum becomes vulnerable to plaque, which compounds the weakening of the teeth structure. On average, adults over 45 years of age have at least three decayed or missing teeth.

Gum Diseases

Gum disease affects all ages, but it is particularly problematic for patients over 45 years old. Gum tissues naturally recede as people age, exposing the soft root beneath it. Dental caries around the neck of the teeth where the gum line should be is common among older adults. 

What is more, taking multiple medications can dry the mouth, which does much more than cause minor discomfort. It also increases the risk of getting affected by gum disease. If your gums are red, swollen, or bleeding, it is time to pay your dentist in Victoria Point a visit. 

Tooth Sensitivity

Aside from making your teeth susceptible to decay, thinning or loss of enamel exposes the dentin beneath it, causing tooth sensitivity. This can include sensitivity to sugar and citrus, aside from extreme heat or cold. Tooth sensitivity affects many older adults, but it is quite easy to treat with special types of toothpaste.  

Oral Cancer and Other Diseases

The risk of developing mouth-related cancer increases with age and the use of tobacco products. As with other types of cancer, the majority of people who get oral cancer are tobacco users. The most common part of the mouth that is affected by the disease is the lip, followed by the tongue.  

Aside from cancer, older people are susceptible to other conditions that manifest as sores in the mouth area, such as herpes and yeast infections. Although these conditions are painful and should be treated immediately, they are benign and not to be confused with the early stages of oral cancer. To be on the safe side, consult the best dentist in Victoria Point as soon as you notice any of the symptoms.