Retractable Pool Enclosure

Are you someone who enjoys taking a dip inside the pool to relax and unwind? Do you want your family to experience comfort and convenience without worrying about the harsh rays of the sunlight? 

A retractable pool enclosure might be the solution to your outdoor swimming woes. Pool enclosure experts like The Pool Enclosure Company offer a wide range of coverage for your outdoor pool.

Before you get started with improving your outdoor swimming pool, it is ideal to have a better understanding of how a retractable pool works and how it can benefit you and your family.

Types of Enclosures

Pool enclosures come in different sizes and variations. Based on the size, the three types of pool enclosures include a high enclosure, medium enclosure, and low enclosure. A high enclosure is suitable for homeowners with a large pool as well as those who want ample space to move around and customise their outdoor pool. Medium and low-height screen coverings create a cozier atmosphere while preserving the temperature of your water more effectively.

Some enclosures are made of tough, shatterproof glass. In contrast, some are made of mesh and aluminium. Glass enclosures are perfect for any climate because of its durability and capability to carry more massive weight. On the other hand, aluminium and mesh materials make for an ideal shield against warm temperatures. The latter is a common choice for people living in areas where the climate is consistently hot.


At most, it takes around 2-3 days to install a pool enclosure. Some pool enclosure providers ship the parts to their customers, along with a descriptive step-by-step guide on how to assemble and mount the enclosure. Otherwise, you can request professionals to install it for you.

Maintenance and Cost

The cost of pool enclosures typically depends on your size and style of choice. Usually, rates range from $50-$60 to $100-$120 per square metre. Expect additional charges if you want to have more durable materials or if you want a permanent enclosure installed. It is also essential to read through the enclosure’s warranty to determine the duration and extent of the damages covered.

Once you have your pool enclosure installed, do routine checks to monitor if there are scratches or cracks and if immediate repairs are needed. Rinse off any accumulated grime and dirt with water and vinegar. When cleaning the entire enclosure, pressure washing helps speed up the process and clean every crevice of the structure.

Avoid brushing or using cleaning materials with hard bristles. Do not use cleaning products with high chemical content as this can react with the coating on the glasses and frames.


A pool enclosure primarily provides ample protection against UV rays, heat, rain, the cold weather, and snow. It gives you more privacy, so you won’t have to worry about sneaky bystanders spoiling your fun. If you have kids, an enclosure for your pool is suitable because it shields your child’s delicate skin from sunburn and insect bites. 

The key to acquiring a durable and excellent enclosure for your outdoor swimming pool is to avail services from well-known experts and professionals. Find pool enclosure providers with years of experience in the trade. Take The Pool Enclosure company, for example. They offer a selection of high-quality and hard-wearing materials for their customers, thereby ensuring long-term resilience and security.