Are you looking for new staff uniforms for your company? Today, the polo shirt is one of the most popular types of uniform shirts in the market. Fun Fact: Brooks Brothers released the first mass-produced polo shirt in 1896, according to Heddles.

When selecting staff uniforms like shirts, there are some critical features to weigh like:


There are different staff shirt styles you can pick from. The main ones include solid and striped shirts, although there are other shirt styles. It’s important to go with one that best represents your company. A solid shirt would be ideal for a traditional look, while horizontal stripes add some pizzazz if you want a more contemporary look.


This includes both the rate and the timeframe. For example, some companies offer a rush delivery option if you need your uniform shirts ASAP. This will cause the shipping costs to spike, but if you need the buttoned shirts as soon as possible, it’s definitely worth the added cost.


This is critical to make your work shirts truly customized. For example, some shirts are available in a total of one design, while others are offered in 20+ designs. “The more, the merrier” rule generally applies. More design options make it easier to create a particular look and feel for your company’s uniform tops.  


These are some features that are critical when you customize your polo shirts. They are the features that make the uniform shirts one-of-a-kind. Your company logo is a representation of your brand, while the person’s stitched name shows that the shirt is tweaked specifically for them.

Yes, these features will add to the uniform shirt’s total cost. Is it worth it? There’s something to be said about polo shirts that indicate who the wearer works for and who they are. It also shows that your business values its employees enough to plunk down a little extra money for customized shirts.

Short/Long Sleeve

The short-sleeve polo shirt is easily the most popular type found in buyer’s guides. It’s ideal for warm weather including spring and summer seasons. In fact, when we think of “polo shirts” we often think of Ralph Lauren shirts with designs like solid, stripe, or plaid.

However, there are also long-sleeve polo shirts that are ideal for cold-weather months like wintertime. The average temperature during the Australian winters is 17°C (63°F). This isn’t even close to the North Pole’s temperatures but chilly nights could certainly warrant a long-sleeve polo shirt. 


The old saying “You get what you pay for” still applies when buying uniform shirts. That said, if you go with certain styles inspired by polo players, then you won’t have to shell out tons of money. In fact, you can find quality shirts in the under-$50 price range.

As always, there are factors like material, size, and features that will affect the price. Make sure you should consider spending a little more for high-end quality. This is especially true since your workers will be wearing the collared shirt every time they clock in.


By definition, when buying uniform shirts, they should all have the same basic appearance. That said, the sizing is slightly different for men’s and women’s shirts, so it’s something to keep in mind. 

What’s most critical is that all team members have a uniform shirt that shows they’re connected to a particular company.

When picking uniform items like staff uniforms, you have lots of options like polo shirts. Some options include colour/design, short/long-sleeved, and stock/customised. Regardless of which work shirt to pick, you can end up with a game-changer like your company!