kaftans online

Are you planning to update your wardrobe this year? If you are like most women, you get inspiration from watching celebrities and models. 

In a recent St. Patrick’s Day event, the Duchess of Cornwall wore a beautiful green kaftan dress and earned praises for her chic look. Other celebrities like Beyonce, Kate Hudson, and Oprah have successfully carried the “kaftan” look. The beautiful thing about kaftans is that they fit all body shapes but never appear unkempt. Believe it or not, kaftans are attractive additions to anyone’s wardrobe.

What about you? Are you interested in ordering kaftans online? If still in doubt, here are four reasons why you should include kaftans in your wardrobe.

To Achieve an Exotic Look

Stylish women are not afraid to stand out from the crowd. Kaftans are a perfect choice if you want to achieve an exotic look. It turns out that the kaftan, a loose-fitting attire, originated from the Middle East, specifically from Mesopotamia (current-day Iraq). Sultans and dignitaries wire this robe or tunic. 

Today’s silk and cotton kaftans have bright, attractive colors. Labeled under the “Bohemian look,” celebrities have turned to kaftans when they want to look effortlessly sexy. Just browse pictures of their kaftans online, and you will agree.

To Have a Versatile Wardrobe

More people are fascinated by the concept of minimalism in recent years. Even more, people are learning to live with less stuff (including clothes) and focus more on personal growth and contributing to the community. 

Donning kaftans is one way of achieving a minimalist lifestyle. How? By being the ideal mix-and-match item in your wardrobe. Here are some ideas:

  • On the beach, kaftans double as cover-ups over your swimsuit. You can also wear the same kaftan for dinner.
  • As one size fits all, kaftans are perfect as maternity dresses.
  • You can dress up your kaftan look with accessories. Kaftans look great with small purses and nude heels for a casual look. However, for formal occasions, wear it with a clutch bag and elegant jewelry.  

To Travel Light

If you have a collection of kaftans, you can pack more items into your suitcase. Just wear a kaftan dress with low heels for a comfortable trip. Whatever your mode of transport, a flowing kaftan will keep you looking fashionable.  

One tip – you can pack kaftans in zip lock bags to avoid having to iron them. As they are lightweight, kaftans take very little space in your suitcase. No need to worry about laundry – you can rinse the kaftans with a mild shampoo and hang it overnight. Kaftans dry quickly and will be ready the next day.

Are you inspired? Search for a variety of kaftans online – tops, maxi dresses, long and short kaftans. Pack some belts, sashes, and costume jewelry, and you’re ready for the trip.

To Look Alluring

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, three out of five Australian women are considered overweight. However, being a plus-size woman doesn’t mean that you can’t look appealing.

The good news is that kaftans can make you look attractive no matter what your weight is. Being made of light materials like cotton or silk drape, kaftans around your body could maximize your curves. Also, kaftans hide common problem areas like the thighs and waistline.